Resolving #### in Excel

Occasionally at work colleagues will ask me what the hash symbols in their spreadsheets mean and if the data has disappeared. The data is still there it just cannot be displayed properly because it exceeds the width of the column.

The solution, resize the columns and make them wide enough and tall enough for the data to be displayed. Fortunately excel has an Autofit button that is just a few clicks away.

In the top left-hand corner of the spreadsheet there is an arrow pointing down and to the right. Clicking this arrow will highlight all of the cells on the spreadsheet. Alternatively you can hold down Ctrl and press A.

Excel Autofit Columns

Double click the edge of any of one the columns containing data within the column row, the data will autofit width ways.

Autofit Width

Re-select all of the cells with the same arrow button or with Ctrl and A. Double click one of the row edges.

Autofit Height Row

The keyboard-shortcut for resizing cells automatically is as follows:

-Ctrl + A

-Hold Ctrl and type O, C then A


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