Excel Filtering Your Data

There are several ways to filter your data in excel. One of the more convenient and quicker methods is to use a filter.

For example if you are only after one particular customer’s sales within a spreadsheet you could place a filter on the Customer Name or whichever column allows you to uniquely identify your customer (If you have customers with the same name you may need to filter on a customer ID instead).

Filtering your data is a relatively straightforward process

  • Click in any of the populated cells within the first row to make the cell active.
  • The filter option can be location under the Data Tab.Filtering
  • Click filter, you will be given a drop down box allowing you to select from a unique set of values in each column. In the below screenshot, I can now choose to select unique customers.

Please note, filtering the data will not remove any of it, it will only change how it is displayed. So if you are planning on using a formula that is usually used to calculate totals such as Sum(), you may pick up data that is not displayed. In that particular circumstance you should use a formula that will only work on the filtered data sum as Subtotal(9,C2:C11).


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